AAASAAASAAASThis is the repository which will store the aaas project of the Loria.
AnsibleAnsibleANVarious ansible stuff related to OpenPAAS
Awesome ModulesAwesome ModulesAMThe module system for large node applications
DockerDockerDOCKERDocker repositories and utils
james-websitejames-websiteJWJJames website project based on Jekyll.
James with CassandraJames with CassandraJWCThis project intents to add a Cassandra backend support for the mailbox module of Apache James.
Linagora LogoLinagora LogoLLThe Linagora Logo as an Angular directive
MeetingsMeetingsMEETNo description
ODBAPIODBAPIODREST interface for polyglot data storage
OpenPaas ActivitiOpenPaas ActivitiOAServer Activiti BPMN
OpenPaas Angular ModulesOpenPaas Angular ModulesOPANGMODThis project will stores all modules reladed with Angular and used inside the OpenPaas project.
OpenPaaS AssetsOpenPaaS AssetsOPSAOne Project to rule them all, One Project to find them, One Project to bring them all and in the version control bind them... Assets!!!
OpenPaas Awesome ModulesOpenPaas Awesome ModulesOMThis project will store every repository of trusted or untrusted modules. Artifacts of such modules will be available at first here :
OpenPaas Collaborative EditionOpenPaas Collaborative EditionOPCENo description
OpenPaas DataScience - Data IntegrationOpenPaas DataScience - Data IntegrationODBFPThis project aim to collect and transform datas from the openPaas platform as well as external sources in order to feed the Datalake later used by algorithms and tools upon wich are based DataScience features
OpenPaaS DatavizOpenPaaS DatavizOPDPNo description
OpenPaaS FormaasOpenPaaS FormaasOFForm as a Service
OpenPaaS IonicOpenPaaS IonicOPIOpenPaaS Ionic application for the ESN
OpenPaas LibsOpenPaas LibsOLIBSAll independents libraries used in OpenPaas
OpenPaas-WebsiteOpenPaas-WebsiteOWWebsite presenting OpenPaaS
rse-mobile-configrse-mobile-configRSEMNo description